Pink Tourmaline Guide

Pink Tourmaline Crystal Guide

Pink Tourmaline - Love, Compassion, Healing

  • Chakras - the Heart Chakra/Energy Centre is associated with Pink Tourmaline.
  • Water Safe - Yes, Pink Tourmaline is water safe.
  • Sun Safe - Yes, Pink Tourmaline is sun safe.
  • Planets - Pink Tourmaline works with the planet Venus.
  • Zodiacs - Pink Tourmaline works well with the Libra Zodiac Sign.*
  • Elements - Pink Tourmaline's element is Water.
  • Moh's Hardness Scale - Pink Tourmaline's hardness is between 7-7.5.
  • Structure - Pink Tourmaline's structure is Trigonal.
  • Chemical Formula - Pink Tourmaline is an Aluminium Borosilicate - Pink Tourmaline's Chemical Formula is [](LiAl2)Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)3OH
  • Numerology - Pink Tourmaline vibrates at the frequency of number 9.
  • Feng Shui Energy - Pink Tourmaline's Feng Shui Energy is Fire.
  • Crystal Energy Type - Pink Tourmaline is a Seeker Energiser Crystal.
  • Deities - Pink Tourmaline is favourable to Al-Uzza.
  • Rarity - Fine, pure specimens of Pink Tourmaline are rare. Quartz combinations are more common.
  • Colour Energy - Pink Tourmaline's colour energy is Red, Pink.
  • Appearance - Pink Tourmaline is a pale pink to bright hot pink variant of Tourmaline. Can be found in raw, transparent and opaque formations, and commonly mixed with Quartz or other Tourmalines.
  • Origin - Pink Tourmaline can be found in California, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and parts of Africa.
  • Works well with - Pink Tourmaline pairs well with Rhodochrosite.
  • Other Properties of Pink Tourmaline - Resolution, Love & Relationships, Happiness, Meditation, New Beginnings, Nourishing & Rejuvenation, Nurturing, Opportunities, PTSD, Zest for Life, Passion, Peace of Mind, Relaxation, Joy, Self Discovery, Self-Healing, Selflessness, Purpose, Soothing, Anxiety & Stress Relief, Trauma, Truth, Courage to Love, Trust, Manifestation, Inner Child Healing, Calming, Patience, Emotional Intelligence & Understanding, Empathy, Generosity, Grief & Mourning, Growth, Inner Peace, Inspiration, Insight, Self-Love.*

Extra for Experts:

  • Tourmaline can be found on every continent and found popularity form 1876 when George Kunz sold a piece of Green Tourmaline to Tiffany and Co.
  • Tourmalines can come in many different colours; red (aka Rubellite), pink, yellow, brown, black, green, blue and violet. There are also combinations of colours, like Watermelon Tourmaline; featuring a pink centre and a green outer 'rind.'
  • Tourmaline can be electrically charged by heating or rubbing it. When charged, it can attract bits of dust and paper. Dutch traders in the 1700's used Tourmaline to pull ash from pipes. Tourmalines are highly valued tuning circuits for conducting television and radio frequencies, as high frequencies can pass through them without shattering the stone.
  • Physically eases obsessive behaviours, disorders of the heart, gynaecological conditions, regulating menstrual cycles, helps in conception. Thought to be helpful for spinal problems and injuries, the nervous system, migraines, balancing endocrine system and healing for lungs and skin. Promotes hand/eye coordination, and diminishes paranoia and diminishes fear. Discourages motion sickness, restores hair and nails.
  • A great gift for children, those approaching puberty, dyslexics, anyone learning new habits, or suffering form mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Also perfect for those that have suffered from abuse, sleep issues. Particularly useful for spiritually gifted children and the best emotional support stone for teenage pregnancy.
  • Tourmaline strengthens one's sense of smell, enhancing perception of pheromones which can produce an aphrodisiac effect.
  • *Please read disclaimer.

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