A Guide to Super Full Buck Moon July 14 2022

14 July Super Full Buck Moon

This super full moon will likely be the biggest super moon of 2022, and is the third super moon of the year.
With the Sun in Cancer, we’re feeling extra emotional, but this year our Buck Moon is in Capricorn, coming to restore order to our lives and realign us with our goals.

What is the Buck Moon in Capricorn's Spiritual Meaning?

The moon symbolises your needs and how you go about fulfilling them. Since Capricorn is all about boundaries and structure, and the moon is all about emotional expression, it’s not exactly an easy combo. So instead, this Capricorn moon is asking us to tap into our logical mind instead of our emotional one. This moon is also conjunct to Pluto in Capricorn so it is likely we will have some revelations to accompany this full moon regarding structures that may need to fade out.

This means the energy has an intense purging feel, shining a light on mindsets (or people, things, feelings etc) that are keeping us from achieving out goals. This Moon does not want us to waste any more time, whatever comes to light at this time is likely no longer beneficial for you. We are making space for the new.

When will the Super Buck Moon be visible?

The Super Full Buck Moon will peak at 6:35am on the 14th of July, but will be visible tonight.

Activities for the Super Buck Moon

Time in nature for extra healing and breakthroughs.
Tap into inner guidance as truths are revealed.
Step up and take ownership, no more living by default.
Grounding work to soothe extra anxiety.
Allow yourself to feel those deep feelings.

What Zodiac signs will be affected the most by the Super Buck Moon?

Aries in career
Cancer in love
Libra in finances
Capricorn in health

What Crystals should I use during the Buck Moon in Capricorn?

Super full buck moon in capricorn 2022
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