About Us

I'm Monique, the founder and CEO of Love Monique LTD and Conscious Crystals.
'Love, Monique x' has been around since I started signing off my crafts and cards in that exact manner years ago as a young girl. I'm now a 20 year old business owner, Life Coach, Practitioner, and Crystal and Reiki Healer that loves everything about wellness. Love Monique LTD has evolved into Conscious Crystals, a brand all about giving back and providing education for the crystal community.
I am incredibly passionate about sharing my methods for achieving the elusive 'wellness.' I have had a lot of adventures and trials that have made me who I am, some that I still struggle with everyday but I wouldn't have got through the hard days not knowing what I do now. My spirituality has opened so many doors in life, and kept me getting out of bed everyday. 
My mission is to educate others about wellness, self-love, spirituality and many other things, in the hope that I can help change other peoples lives in the way mine was changed. I also aim to provide beautiful, handmade accessories, spiritual items and jewellery that people can wear on an everyday basis, that can help them on their journey to 'wellness.' 
I noticed a gap in the crystal, spiritual and jewellery industry for ethical, consciously sourced and sustainable goods that go towards helping the people behind your goodies. Like our Crystal Miners all over the world; With your support, they get paid a living wage and are looked after by our traceable wholesalers and suppliers.
As a result, when I started this business one of my biggest goals was to make sure we were ethical and sustainable. All of our crystals and materials are sourced ethically through wholesale providers here in Auckland and around the world. Our packaging is currently recyclable, reusable and/or compostable.
Conscious Crystals can help everyone on their wellness and spiritual journey, no matter where you are, or what you define 'wellness' as. Our goal is to one day, provide an affordable boutique with many different kinds of goodies, in store and online. I look forward to meeting you there one day.
Thank you for choosing us, I hope you can find what you are looking for here,
Welcome home. You are so loved.

Love, Monique x

We do not have a physical store, just online.
contact: monique@consciouscrystals.co.nz
ph: 0210297299