What does the shape of my Crystal mean?

Crystal Shapes, Meanings and Uses

  1. Introduction to Crystal Shapes
  6. EGGS
  11. HEARTS
  14. CUBES

Introduction to Crystal Shapes

Everything around us is part of the energetic or vibrational architecture. According to this Research Gate publication, we can see the laws of sacred geometry with a naked eye, as it is found in flora more commonly than we may realise.

Every sound, object, or shape has its vibration and is part of a greater scheme. Crystals, their formation, and their shapes are no different. Let’s discover what the different shapes of crystals mean and how we can benefit from them...

Crystals can come in many different shapes, sizes and cuts. While they are all beautiful in their individual ways, there is meaning behind each shape. Crystal Shapes can influence a crystal’s meaning, energy and usage. Keep in mind that a lot of the content in this post is my own personal opinion and experience, what you may experience from one shape might be different than what I experience. It is normal to go through phases of what you are drawn to. After reading this, tune into your intuition and see what Crystal is calling you. Keep in mind that there is no wrong choice here, all crystals are equally powerful and beneficial.

Just like everything else around us, every shape found in 3D reality has its vibration and is a representation of sacred geometry. That's why every crystal and every crystal shape is unique and has a specific frequency and a meaning that we can use for healing.

While a type of crystal has specific healing properties, the shape of the crystal can determine how we want the energy around us to flow and where we want it to be directed.

For instance, Rose Quartz is a gentle, calming stone, and a pyramid is an energising shape. When we opt for a Rose Quartz Pyramid, we are inviting more love and compassion into our lives, but we are also going to be more energised and motivated to act in a loving way. 


Green Calcite Raw Crystals

What is a rough or raw crystal?

These crystal formations are naturally occurring rocks composed into three categories depending on how they were formed, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Raw crystals may look similar but they vary widely in their chemical, physical and thermal properties. Rough crystals and minerals are common amongst collectors and are often used in jewellery, crafts, decorations, grids and gardens. Raw/Rough crystals come in unique and unusual shapes, they are not polished or transformed in any way by humans; which some believe makes them the most powerful formation of all.

How do I use a raw crystal?

  • Carry small raw crystals with you as you go about your day.
  • Connection with raw crystals is said to be easier, so they may have more of an affect on you.
  • Since raw crystals are unaltered, they are grounding and help realign your energy and connection with earth.
  • Raw crystals are great in crystal grids as the body, or expansion of the grid. They can be arranged in a particular way to call in prosperity, safety, health and many other things.
  • You may find raw crystals work well for you when placed on chakras in a chakra alignment meditation.


What is a tumble stone crystal?

Kunzite Tumbled Crystals

Tumbled stones, unlike their raw counterparts, have gone through a process to smooth them out. The tumbling process does not take anything away from the crystals energetically, or vibrationally. The smooth even finish is very appealing for many people, they feel good in your hand and the process also highlights characteristics of the crystals you wouldn't otherwise see when in the raw form. They will vary in size from small, to very large polished free forms.

A stone with a hardness of 5 or higher (under 5 is too soft and they'll just crumble) have likely been put through a rotary or vibratory tumbler. The tumbling process can take up to 28 days, it's definitely not quick. The four steps taken to achieve those perfectly formed and polished crystals start with a coarse grind silicon carbide that takes about 7 days. The second step - a medium grind is used and takes another 7 days. The third step is a pre-polishing that uses a fine grind and runs for another 7 days. The fourth and final step is polishing with an aluminium oxide powder for another 7 days. After 4 weeks you'll get perfectly polished crystals. This process is ideal for crystals that have some sort of sheen or flash like Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite or Tigers Eye as the polishing makes that flash or sheen that much brighter and easier to see.

How do I use a tumble stone crystal?

  • Small tumble stones are fantastic as the body of a crystal grid.
  • These small and light stones are fantastic to tuck into pockets or bras for when you need the energy of a particular stone close to your body.
  • They can also be tucked into a little bag to stay in your purse.
  • Tumble stones can be selected and displayed based on what your theme or focus is for the day.
  • Tumble stones are super affordable and make great gifts.


Moonstone Tower

What is a crystal tower, point or generator?

A crystal tower is a polished and carved crystal with multiple flat sides and a flat base as a stand. While most towers are carved, some crystals naturally form in these points, all that is needed is a cut on the bottom for it to stand. Sometimes these faceted sides will be sharpened or polished to emphasise its beauty.

The energy of a crystal tower is upwards and outs, shining out of the tiny point at the top. Wherever they are placed they emit a very focused and directed energy.

How do I use a crystal tower?

  • Crystal towers are great to use as the center of a crystal grid to focus and direct its intention and energy.
  • To enhance the Feng Shui of a room, you could place a tower in the corner of a room to create an energy vortex.
  • Meditating with a tower will allow any blocked or stagnant energy to flow again and help you to reset and feel more energised. Focusing on the energy you feel in the tower, ask; what is the direction it's flowing? Where can you feel it in your body? Is it cleansing and releasing energy or bringing in new energy, or both? You can try visualising the energy moving out or into your body, flowing through and clearing each of the chakras from crown to root. 
  • Crystal towers are fabulous in the workspace, for example, fluorite towers are good for desks or offices due to their ability to aid in focus and concentration.
  • Towers (and grids) are also great in bathroom spaces, showers and baths, they could help you wake up, reset, cleanse, or relax.


Satin Spar Selenite Sphere

What is a crystal sphere?

Spheres emit their energy from all sides, expanding to an entire room evenly and perfectly balanced. Their energy has a childlike innocence to them and they bring a playful, whimsical element to our lives. Spheres provide us with a feeling of stability, harmony, and unity. The circle resembles the circle of life, and brings in life force energy/prana and wholeness.

How do I use a crystal sphere?

  • Program your sphere with a specific intention to release energy wherever it is placed or to aid you in meditating on a problem or healing an emotion. 
  • Place a sphere in the center of a grid to emit the energy/intention gently and evenly. Connecting the prana life force energy that runs within us to the energy of the grid makes it even more personal.
  • Crystal gazing is a type of scrying done with a crystal sphere. Get yourself into a meditative state and gaze into the crystal to receive divine downloads or outlooks into the future. The sphere can act as a window to important energy or messages meant for you.
  • Massage therapy: try rolling a sphere where you have pain or tension in your body. Spheres are excellent for releasing pent up energy stuck in the body.
  • Use a cleansing sphere like Clear Quartz, Carnelian, or Satin Spar Selenite to cleanse other crystals or different areas in your home. 
  • Meditating with a sphere promotes wholeness, harmony and connection, Hold a sphere in each hand during meditation for harmony and connection to life force energy.


What is a crystal egg?

Similar to a sphere, crystal eggs emit their energy from all sides but with a soft focal point at the top. Eggs are a symbol fertility and life and is excellent for personal transformation, starting fresh, beginning new projects, or brainstorming ideas.

Eggs possess a beautiful feminine energy and can be very empowering for anyone to hold. Crystal eggs, called Yoni Eggs, are a commonly used for female reproductive health and pelvic exercises and strength.

Crystal eggs are said to have the ability to unlock unconscious energy - they help us become aware of energy imbalances or suppressed emotions while supporting us in healing them. Eggs can also allow us to receive divine downloads from our higher selves and spirit guides. 

Think about what particular crystal you would like in an egg shape; something that you would like to start fresh in.

How do I use a crystal egg?

  • Program your crystal egg to help you begin a new journey - whether it be moving, starting a new job, a personal transformation, breaking a habit, or making new ones. Set an intention for what you want the egg to support you in.
  • Use the programmed egg in meditation, manifestation, or in the center of a grid. 
  • Try a chakra balancing meditation or a general body scan meditation with a crystal egg to help you become aware of energy imbalances.
  • The smaller end of an egg is helpful for physical pain and reflexology and massage healing.


What is a crystal pyramid?

Malachite Crystal Pyramid

The shape of the pyramid is found over the course of history in several civilisations and holds many different spiritual meanings. The pyramid is called a Tetrahedron in Sacred Geometry, and its main function is assisting with manifestation. 

The cool thing about this shape is the contrasting yet harmonious output of energy that is at work within the shape. The solid structure base, much like a cube, has a very grounded and stabilised energy, while still allowing energy to directly flow out of the point. Pyramids connect energy from our chakras, allowing us to feel in tune with higher dimensional thinking and our higher selves while still staying grounded to Earth. 

How do I use a crystal pyramid?

  • Pyramids are excellent to use in the center of a grid, especially one where you want the energy to be grounded. 
  • You can also use pyramids for Fire Feng Sui elements your home. It’s useful to set a particular intention to correlate with the type of crystal or stone you have. For instance, a Lepidolite pyramid in your bedroom for restful sleep. Or maybe a Rose Quartz pyramid in your bathroom or bedroom for self love, a Fluorite pyramid on your desk, or Shungite or Green Aventurine near a TV or device for EMF protection. 
  • Pyramids can be used to cleanse and balance chakras, this can be done by placing them on each chakra point, or by meditating and visualising each chakra spinning brighter while holding the pyramid in your hand.
  • Holding a pyramid allows life force energy to come into the tip of the pyramid and then ground within and stabilise you. 
  • Meditation while focusing on the tip of the pyramid could strengthen manifestations. 


What is a crystal wand?

Crystal wands come in many varieties ranging in shape, size, and type. Some wands are Double Terminated (DT)with a point at each end, some are pointed at one end and rounded at the other, and some wands are rounded at both ends, these are typically called massage wands. They can be faceted with 6 sides or fully rounded and smooth. You can even use a natural crystal point, Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, or Amethyst roots can also be used as wands since they also have points and can even be double terminated. Each shape and type of crystal wand will have a different effect on our energetic field. 

Wands allow for energy to flow and be directed, their long shape allows for energy to travel up and down as well as in and out. They can be helpful for releasing negative energy or bringing in healing energy. 

Wands are traditionally tools for healing. You can use a crystal wand to scan the body to intuitively pick up on and locate energy blockages and to then move energy through auras and chakras.  

What does a crystal wand do?

  • Crystal wands can charge other crystals.
  • Use in spell work, rituals, or moving/directing energy.
  • Meditate with your wand in your right hand (the hand that sends energy out) and tune in to the energy of the crystal and allow whatever you are trying to release flow into the wand and out of the tip. 
  • Some crystals are great as wands to transmute negative energy, such as Kyanite, Citrine, Black Tourmaline, or Carnelian. Not only are you able to release that which no longer serves you, but you are also being revitalised with cleansed and refreshed energy back into your being. 


Agate Crystal Geode

What is a Crystal Cluster or Geode?

Crystal clusters and geodes have strong vibrational energies due to having many points combined together in a small space. Geodes, unlike clusters, have all of their terminations located on the inside. They are typically rounded and show no sign of crystals on the outside unless they are broken in half. Sometimes geodes are cut at the base so they can be displayed standing up. Each little point within a geode emits its own energy, making the inside of the geode very powerful and perfect for charging or cleansing tumbled stones or small crystals. Clusters have points of all different shapes and sizes that typically point in different directions. Each cluster is special and unique in its own way, no two clusters or geodes are ever the same. 

As we know from earlier, crystal points are powerful energy amplifiers, so clusters are especially powerful with their output of energy. The points in a cluster vibrate together harmoniously to bring positive energy and transmute negativity in any space they are in. They can also help us feel more energised mentally and physically as well as aid us with decision making. 

Larger clusters have the ability to cleanse larger areas, for example, a whole 2nd floor, a classroom/healing center, or a master bedroom and bath.

How do I use a crystal cluster or geode?

  • Cleanse your space.
  • Place on your altar or in your sacred space to bring positive vibrational energies and transmute negative ones. Clusters can also be used for protection with any magic or divination work such as tarot, scrying, or channeling. 
  • Meditate in front of a cluster to raise vibrations and achieve higher states of consciousness.
  • Some clusters work perfectly as jewellery holders - place rings on the points, drape bracelets or necklaces over the cluster. Not only is this a beautiful way to display your jewellery, but it will also cleanse and charge it if it is a piece of crystal jewellery. Some lucky people get proposed to, with their ring inside a ring box geode!
  • Place other crystals inside or on top of your cluster. Sometimes clusters can perfectly hold spheres or other small crystals, just be cautious of scratching from the points.


Rose Quartz Crystal Palm Stone

Palm stone is more of a blanket term. There are many types of palm stones: thumb stones, worry stones, soap stones, gallets, palm stones, and touch stones. They each have specific features, but sometimes in the market the names can be interchanged, and it can get a little confusing, so here’s a guide:

Thumb/worry stones are smaller in size and sometimes have an indent on one side to place your thumb, great to rub to soothe anxiety. Palm stones/soap stones are equal in size and proportion. They can be circular or oval shaped and small enough to fit in the average hand size. Gallets are bigger in size, they are usually more circular and chunky because they stay true to the nature of the material when it was found and less is carved away. Finally, touch stones are extra large palm stones, sometimes almost like a freeform. 

How do I use a crystal palm stone?

  • Palm stones are perfect to hold during meditation due to their size. 
  • Can be used as a fidgeting device. Palm stones provide you with something to keep your hands busy or help you to focus and stay grounded. 
  • Keep one in your pocket or bag, they are small enough to take on the go.
  • Palm stones are great to sleep with, if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, palm stones are incredibly comforting to hold while you fall asleep. You can also place a palm stone under your pillow if you don’t want to hold it. Specific types of stones can aid us in sleep, lucid dreaming, and dream recall.


What is a crystal heart?

Hearts are very similar to palm stones, they are just shaped to look like a heart. Hearts can range in many sizes and styles. They connect with the energy of the heart chakra and emit their energy in a very loving and gentle manner while giving us a sense of peace and harmony. Hearts can be good for those who are extra sensitive to the energies of crystals since the energy output is softer.

How do I use a crystal heart?

  • Crystal hearts are wonderful to aid in heart chakra healing. They can be programmed with specific intentions if you wish to do so. Hearts that are green or pink, such as Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, or Green Opal will have an even stronger attunement to the heart chakra. 
  • All of the uses mentioned for palm stones work just as well with heart carvings. 
  • Crystal hearts may help with fertility, relationship and sensual work.


Amethyst Crystal Seer Stone

What is a crystal seer stone?

A seer stone is a roundish chunk of material that has been polished on one side. The polished area looks like a window inside the stone due to its optical effect. This type of carving is normally made in Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Angelite, or Smoky Quartz. Some seer stones are formed from stones that have naturally being polished from running water, like a river or ground water. This gives the stone a matte and rounded look, manufacturers will then slice a piece of the crystal off and polish the surface so the inside of the stone can be seen, much like a window.  Seer stones are also known as window quartz, or ema eggs.

How do you use a crystal seer stone?

  • The predominant use of seer stones is for crystal gazing. As mentioned above, crystal gazing is a type of scrying and can aide us in connecting to higher knowledge, spirit guides and angels. 
  • Carry it around with you so it can absorb your energy and better assist you with crystal gazing.
  • Sleep with a seer stone under your pillow to help with lucid dreaming and dream recall. 
  • If you don’t want to attempt crystal gazing or scrying, simply gazing inside a seer stone can be calming in itself and help to slow down thoughts or distract one from anxious feelings.


Flower Agate Crystal Flame

freeform is a chunk of material that is carved typically in an irregular rounded shape, sometimes if a stone grows a particular way or requires a specific type of cut/polish they will appear more flat, like labradorite for example. Freeforms come in all sizes and each one is unique and highlights the natural beauty of any stone. A flame is similar to a freeform but they taper off at the top and they resemble the organic movement of a flame. Flames can be more simplistic and geometric in style as well. 

Freeforms do not have a specific meaning or special output of energy like the rest of the shapes I have discussed so far, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still fill a room with good vibes and beauty. 

Rhodonite Crystal Freeform

How do I use a crystal freeform or flame?

  • Use as a statement piece to decorate your home. 
  • Meditate in front of a freeform or place it on your altar or in your sacred space. Labradorite would be especially useful in these spaces to activate the third eye and heighten magic and intuition.
  • Depending on the material, you can use a freeform for crystal gazing. 
  • Some people like to place their hands on freeforms to reset, charge, or cleanse their energy.
  • Use as paper weights or bookends.


Natural Pyrite Crystal Cubes

What is a crystal cube?

Crystal cubes are a form of sacred geometry, carved and polished with sharp sides, similar to a tower. However, cubes have multiple points or corners. This means they release energy in a gentle, balanced way out of the points.

Similar to pyramids, cubes have a lot of space to stand on, which makes them very grounding. Some crystals like Pyrite form into astonishing cubes naturally. A cube is a formation of a platonic solid. Cubes can also be octahedrons, tetrahedrons and so on.

How do I use a crystal cube?

  • Meditating with a crystal cube grounds us, and helps us connect to the earth and mother nature.
  • Cubes can also be placed in the corners of a room to protect the space. 

I hope this was helpful to you. Please keep in mind that you do not need a particular shaped crystal to work on something listed above. The true power of crystals and energy work is within you, your belief, and your personal power. Please let me know if you have any questions. Love, Monique xx

A quick disclaimer, Crystal Healing is a Holistic Healing Practice which should not be used to replace Professional Diagnosis or Treatment by a Medical Professional. What is stated above is not guaranteed, but has been believed and practiced for thousands of years by many different Cultures and Religions, even in our few records of Ancient History.

Please be aware that the Information listed is our personal research and experience. Everyone has a different experience, follow what feels right

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