Amazonite Guide

Amazonite - Self Expression, Strength, Unconditional Love

  • Amazonite Chakras - Heart, Throat.
  • Is Amazonite Water Safe? Yes.
  • Is Amazonite Sun Safe? Yes.
  • What Planets are associated with Amazonite? Uranus.
  • Amazonite Zodiacs - Virgo.*
  • Amazonite Elements -  Water.
  • Where is Amazonite on the Moh's Hardness Scale? 6-7.
  • Amazonite Numerology? 3.
  • What is Amazonite's Feng Shui Energy? Water.
  • What is Amazonite's Crystal Energy Type? Barrier Filter.
  • Deities that work with Amazonite - Tiamat, Estsanatlehi, Wohpe.
  • Is Amazonite Rare? No, Amazonite is actually very common.
  • Amazonite Colour Energy - Turquoise
  • What does Amazonite look like? Deep Blue to Turquoise to Blue Green.
  • Where is Amazonite mined? Worldwide, main deposits in India.
  • What crystals does Amazonite work well with? Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Chrysocolla, Aquamarine, Turquoise.
  • What are Amazonite's Metaphysical Properties? Anger, Stress, Emotional Healing, Love & Relationships, Joy, Inspiration, Communication, Truth, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Insight, Alignment of Chakras, Adventures, Enlightenment, Inner Peace, Peace of Mind, Self Discovery, Trust, Life Path, Balance, Calming, Health, Integrity, Boundaries, Pregnancy & Childbirth.

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Amazonite Mushroom Crystal Carvings
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