Amethyst Guide

Amethyst - Protection, Breaking Addictions, Sleep

Amethyst Collection Guide
  • What Chakras/Energy Centres are associated with Amethyst? Etheric, Crown and Third Eye.
  • Is Amethyst Water Safe? Yes, it is a form of Quartz.
  • Is Amethyst Sun Safe? No, colour can fade after extended periods in the sun due to the colour being given by Iron and Manganese.
  • What Planets are associated with Amethyst? Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune.
  • Amethyst Zodiacs? Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.*
  • Amethyst Elements? Wind.
  • Amethyst Mineral Family? Quartz.
  • Amethyst on Moh's Hardness Scale ? 7.
  • Amethyst Numerology? 3
  • Amethyst Feng Shui Energy? Yang/Fire.
  • What Crystal Energy Type is Amethyst? Seeker Transformer Crystal.
  • Deities & Gods associated with Amethyst? Artemis, Diana.
  • Is Amethyst Rare or Common? Common.
  • What is Amethyst's Colour Energy? Red/Violet Ray.
  • What does Amethyst look like? Deep to light Purple.
  • Where is Amethyst found? - Found Worldwide, but most deposits are in Brazil and Uruguay.
  • Works well with JadeMoonstoneRose Quartz, Grape Agate.
  • Other Properties - Protection, Wisdom, Focus, Expansion, Insight, Spiritual Awakening, Meditation, Sleep, Healing, Anxiety & Stress, Impulsivity, Intuition, Headaches.*

Extra for Experts:

  • Amethyst is often called the 'Soul Stone,' helps us find peace with Grief and understanding that as energy, we have no beginning or end.
  • Was given its name from Greek Lore, the word 'Amethystos' that translated to 'Not Intoxicated,' hence it's history as a Sobriety Crystal.
  • Amazing for those with Impulsivity issues, like Manic Episodes, Bipolar, BPD, OCD, ADHD/ADD and others.
  • Amethyst crystals are ideal for Diplomats, Negotiators, and Business people.
  • Amethyst is also the traditional birthstone for people born in February.
  • Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals on the market today and always goes down a treat. It can be found in many different forms like clusters, tumbles, carvings, raws and so many more. Click here to shop our Amethyst Crystals.
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