Our favourite local NZ Jewellery - Conscious Crystals

Our favourite local NZ Jewellery

We absolutely love NZ made jewellery, and love to support small New Zealand Jewellery Designers.

Here at Conscious Crystals New Zealand, we are all about supporting small creators, businesses and educating our gorgeous community. If you love supporting small and local businesses, handmade jewellery makers and incredible jewellery designers, keep reading to see some of our favourite New Zealand Jewellery Shops!

Firstly, we do have an awesome selection of jewellery we design and create here at Conscious Crystals; from Crystal Jewellery like Crystal Rings, Crystal Pendants, Crystal Necklaces, Crystal Keychains, Crystal Anklets and so much more. You can check out our affordable NZ made jewellery here.

1. Tourmaline and Co

2. By Neij

These guys are technically Australian, but you will absolutely love their high quality handmade jewellery.

3. Little Wing Designs NZ

4. The Night Jar

5. By Charlotte

By Charlotte is also Australian but some of their gorgeous jewellery is available in stores in NZ. I had to mention them because I own just about everything from there!

Some more of our Conscious Crystals Jewellery Range...

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