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Red Jasper Ultimate Guide

Red Jasper - Nurturing, Clarity, Healing

  • Chakras - Sacral, Root.
  • Water Safe - Yes.
  • Sun Safe - Yes, but can be damaged by long term exposure.
  • Planets - Earth.
  • Zodiacs - Scorpio, Leo, Libra.*
  • Elements - Earth
  • Moh's Hardness Scale - 7.
  • Numerology - 6.
  • Feng Shui Energy - Fire.
  • Type - Seeker Transformer.
  • Deities - Cerridwen, Isis, Bona Dea, Callisto.
  • Rarity - Common
  • Origin - Worldwide, but major veins in Germany, France, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina.

Red Jasper is a powerful crystal known for its nurturing, clarity, and healing properties. It has been used for centuries to promote physical and emotional well-being. In this blog post, we will explore the various aspects of Red Jasper, including its chakras, water and sun safety, planetary and zodiac associations, and more.

What are the Chakras associated with Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is primarily associated with the Sacral and Root chakras. These energy centers are responsible for grounding, stability, and creativity. By using Red Jasper, one can enhance their connection to these chakras, promoting a sense of balance and vitality.

Is Red Jasper water and sun safe?

Yes, Red Jasper is safe to use in water. However, it is important to note that long-term exposure to sunlight can damage the crystal. It is recommended to keep Red Jasper away from direct sunlight to preserve its integrity and energy.

Which planets are associated with Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is closely connected to the Earth element. It resonates with the energy of our planet, grounding and stabilizing its wearer. By harnessing the power of Red Jasper, one can establish a deeper connection with the Earth and its natural energies.

What zodiac signs are aligned with Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is associated with the zodiac signs Scorpio, Leo, and Libra. Individuals born under these signs can benefit from the nurturing and healing properties of Red Jasper, enhancing their overall well-being and personal growth.

Where is Red Jasper on the Moh's Hardness Scale?

Red Jasper has a Moh's Hardness Scale rating of 7. This means that it is relatively hard and durable, making it suitable for various jewelry and decorative purposes. Its strength and resilience make Red Jasper a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts.

What is the Numerology of Red Jasper?

The numerological value of Red Jasper is 6. Numerology is the belief in the mystical significance of numbers and their influence on human life. The number 6 is associated with harmony, balance, and nurturing energy, aligning perfectly with the properties of Red Jasper.

What is the Feng Shui Energy of Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is associated with the Fire element in Feng Shui. Fire energy represents passion, transformation, and vitality. By incorporating Red Jasper into your living or working space, you can invite the fiery energy of this crystal, promoting motivation and positive change.

What type of crystal is Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is classified as a Seeker Transformer crystal. Seeker crystals are known for their ability to help us find what we are searching for, whether it be knowledge, love, or personal growth. As a Transformer crystal, Red Jasper can assist in transforming negative energies into positive ones, promoting healing and clarity.

Which deities are associated with Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is connected to several deities, including Cerridwen, Isis, Bona Dea, and Callisto. These deities represent various aspects of nurturing, wisdom, and feminine energy. By working with Red Jasper, one can tap into the divine qualities associated with these powerful goddesses.

Where is Red Jasper found?

Red Jasper can be found worldwide, but major veins of this crystal are located in Germany, France, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. The diverse origins of Red Jasper contribute to its availability and popularity in the crystal market.

What are some other properties of Red Jasper?

Overcoming Fear & Illness, Goal Setting & Achievement, Relaxation, Restoring Libido/Sex Drive, Prosperity, Passion, Power, Peace of Mind, Organisation, Creativity, Opportunities, New Beginnings, Motivation, Meditation, Resolution, Manifestation, Longevity, Knowledge, Joy, Intuition, Inspiration, Insight, Good Luck, Wisdom, Truth, Stamina, Trust, Transformation, Anxiety & Stress Relief, Strength, Peace, Empowerment, Spiritual Awakening, Soothing, Sexuality, Purpose, Selflessness, Self-Discovery, Action, Calming, Patience, Breaking Addictions, Balance, Attraction, Adventures, Compassion, Abundance, Enhancing, Growth, Grounding, Self-Expression, Generosity, Focus, Expansion, Awareness, Enlightenment, Empathy, Emotional Understanding, Determination, Decisiveness, Nature, Courage, Confidence.

Origins and Cultural Significance

The history of red jasper dates back thousands of years. It was first discovered in ancient Egypt, where it was highly regarded for its protective and healing properties. The Egyptians believed that red jasper could ward off evil spirits and bring courage and strength to the wearer.

Red Jasper also held great significance in other ancient civilisations. The Native Americans considered it a sacred stone that connected them to the earth and provided stability and grounding energy. In medieval Europe, red jasper was associated with the blood of Christ and was used to adorn religious artefacts.

Uses Throughout History

Throughout history, Red Jasper has been used for a wide range of purposes. In ancient times, it was often carved into amulets and talismans to protect against illness and bring good fortune. Warriors would carry red jasper into battle, believing it would grant them strength and courage.

During the Renaissance period, Red Jasper became a popular material for creating intricate cameos and intaglios. These carved gemstones were used to adorn jewelry, clothing, and even furniture, showcasing the craftsmanship and beauty of red jasper.

Red Jasper was used by Ancient Egyptians in makeup, jewellery and sacred items; they thought it was linked to the fertilising blood of Mother Isis. It’s also believed Red Jasper is likely the ‘Ruby’ on the breastplate of the High Priest.

Historically known as the ‘rain-bringer’ in times of drought. It was worn throughout history as an amulet against phantasms, evil spirits, witchcraft, epilepsy, stomach pain and colic, nosebleeds, fever and swelling. It was also thought to prevent the wearer from drowning, and kept spiders and scorpions at bay.


In conclusion, Red Jasper is a beautiful gemstone with a rich history and believed metaphysical properties. Whether you are drawn to its vibrant color or interested in exploring its potential benefits, Red Jasper can be a valuable addition to your gemstone collection. Remember to approach gemstone use with an open mind and consult with a professional if you have any concerns or questions.

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