Rose Quartz Guide

Rose Quartz - Universal Love, Creativity, Self Love

  • What Chakras/Energy Centres are associated with Rose Quartz? Heart.
  • Is Rose Quartz Water SafeYes, it is a form of Quartz.
  • Is Rose Quartz Sun Safe?  Yes. 
  • What Planets are associated with Rose Quartz? Venus.
  • Rose Quartz Zodiacs? Taurus, Libra, Scorpio.*
  • Rose Quartz Elements? Water, Earth.
  • What level is Rose Quartz on Moh's Hardness Scale? 7.
  • Rose Quartz Numerology? 7.
  • Feng Shui Energy of Rose Quartz? Yin / Fire / Receptive Energy.
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Energy Type - Seeker Transformer Crystal.
  • Rose Quartz Deities? Aphrodite, Astarte, Turan, Freyr.
  • Is Rose Quartz rare? No, Rose Quartz is a very common form of quartz.
  • What is Rose Quartz's Colour Energy? Light Pink / Red Ray.
  • What does Rose Quartz look like? Ranges from pale pink to deep hot pink, hazy to transparent.
  • Where is Rose Quartz found? Rose Quartz is primarily found in Brazil, Madagascar and South Dakota.
  • What crystals do Rose Quartz work well with - EmeraldTigers Eye.
  • Other Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties - Soothing, Calming, Healing, Patience, Love & Relationships, Friendship, Mother Love, Divine Feminine, Compassion, Sensitivity, Children, Self Esteem.
Extra for Experts:
  • * Rose Quartz colouring comes from the traces of Titanium, Iron and Manganese within the Crystal Structure. People that say Rose Quartz is not sun safe, and that theirs has faded, is likely because their piece is of the more translucent type of Rose Quartz.
  • Enforces that only after learning to love oneself, is it possible to give love to others.
  • Great for anyone who has a dis-ease or weakness of the heart, illness, heartbreak, internal wounds or the need to heal their inner child.
  • Traditional Birthstone for those born in February.
  • Amplified when worn by the heart.
  • Ideal for those wanting to attract new love, or develop existing bonds.
  • Embraces the Divine Feminine Energy and Emotional Healing.
  • Aids in acceptance of necessary change.
  • Amazing for the Female Reproductive System, increasing fertility, connection to sensuality and intimacy, and Postpartum Support.
  • Amazing for Mothers and Children, often called the Children's Stone.
  • Helpful for those with Self Image and Self Esteem Issues. Encourages ones relationship with themselves.
  • Also ideal for anyone who has lost a Mother Figure, or anyone going through a Mid-life Crisis.
  • Rose Quartz was used in Ancient Egypt as a Facial Mask believed to encourage beautification, they were found in many tombs.
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