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What does the colour of your Crystal really mean?

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You may have noticed in some of our crystal guides, we mention colour rays that particular crystals give out. These rays can help us understand the general vibes of our crystals.

Amazing reference colour wheel made by the amazing team at Crystal Vaults! Keep in mind for the Southern Hemisphere, we have to switch the seasons around.

So, the colour of my crystal impacts how it works?

As long as humans have existed, for most of our time, we have known there is a relationship between colours and the human mind. However, colours can mean completely different things to you, depending on who you are, where you are, and what cultures and religions you practice.

Though, as human cultures and religions change and adapt, we know that crystals don't. Crystals are a part of the foundation of our world, so their colour rays and meanings are fairly cemented.

Extensive research has been done in this category, combining history, belief and psychology to narrow down the true effects of colour on humans. We've curated a list below that helps explain this.


What do Turquoise coloured crystals mean?

Natural Birthstone for 20 March to 19 April.

Turquoise coloured crystals promote balance, calmness, discovery, emotional control, equilibrium, recovering memories, relaxation, rest, self awareness, serenity, stability, temperance, tolerance, overcoming anxiety, dealing with stress, and losing undesired weight.

Lighter coloured turquoise crystals specialise in brotherhood, harmony, inner peace, peace of mind, solitude, tranquility, understanding, aggression, neutralising anger, conflict, cruelty and rage.

Darker coloured turquoise helps with adapting, empathy, flexibility, openness, new perspectives, inner strength, practicality, and reduces irritability.

Popular turquoise coloured crystals are Amazonite, Larimar, Chrysocolla, Turquoise.


What do Amethyst coloured crystals mean?

Natural Birthstone for November 21 to December 20.

Amethyst coloured crystals promote vision, artistic inspiration, creativity, hidden knowledge, inventiveness, originality, poetry, imagery, subtlety, visualisation, and dispelling illusions.

Darker Amethyst variations aid in clear sight, discernment, good decision making, insight, perception, and seeing the future.

Lighter coloured Amethyst crystals aid in introspection, self enlightenment, self esteem, self knowledge. 

Popular amethyst crystals are Charoite, Kunzite, Amethyst, Grape Agate.


What do Green coloured crystals mean?

Natural Birthstone for April 20 to May 20.

Green coloured crystals are particularly good for babies, creation, fertility, growth, new beginnings, nurturing, potency, productivity, progress, rehabilitation, renewal, youth, and immunity from sickness.

Lighter green crystals help with gentle growth, idealism, merit, spiritual development, strength of character, overcoming jealousy.

Darker green crystals promote abundance, carefulness, good fortune, finances, good health, justice, matronly comfort, money, physical growth, profit and riches, safety, shelter, survival, wealth, wild life and nature, and overcoming fear.

Popular green crystals are Malachite, Jade, Green Aventurine.



What do Violet coloured crystals mean?

Natural Birthstone for December 21 to January 19.

Violet crystals inspire us to follow our hearts, promoting inspiration, intuition and music.

Dark violet crystals aid in the dream realm, bringing manifestation, luck, answers, mystical beings, soothing nightmares and magic.

Lighter, lavender shades of violet promote imagination, elegance, ingeniousness, luxury and nobility.

Popular violet crystals are Lepidolite, Amethyst, Purple Fluorite.


What do Olive coloured crystals mean?

Natural Birthstone for May 21 to June 20.

Olive coloured crystals promote focus, wisdom and understanding; bringing awakening, change, listening skills, independence, purpose, receptiveness, regeneration, sense of worth and righting despondency.

Darker olive crystals are known for their studious qualities; consistency, steady development, career choice, capability, self development, better grades, intelligence, learning, problem solving, success in school, curing ignorance.

Lighter coloured olive crystals bring concentration, determination, diligence, discipline, endurance, motivation, perseverance, resistance and ease the hurt from failure.

Popular Olive crystals are Peridot, Epidote, Unakite, Prehnite.


What do Indigo coloured crystals mean?

True birthstone for January 20 to February 18.

Indigo coloured crystals bring experience, judgement, longevity, maturity, prestige, and helps avoid foolishness.

Lighter indigo crystals bring appreciation, dignity, goodness, humility, modesty, thankfulness and virtue.

Darker indigo crystals promote morality, protection, honesty, mastery, guidance, spiritual wealth, truth.

Popular indigo crystals are Iolite, Indigo Gabbro, Tanzanite.


What do Yellow coloured crystals mean?

Natural birthstone for June 21 to July 21.

Yellow crystals bring optimism, clarity and enlightenment; new interests and relationships, realism, warmth and help us deal with harshness and hurt.

Lighter yellow crystals aid in alertness, awareness, communication, consciousness, organisation, and thoughtlessness.

Darker yellow crystals help us with constructive thoughts, decisiveness, free expression, persuasiveness, precision, success in selling, verbalising needs, overcoming misconceptions and self deceit.

Popular yellow crystals are Citrine, Yellow Fluorite, Pineapple Calcite, Bumblebee Jasper.


What do Blue coloured crystals mean?

True natural birthstone for February 19 to March 19.

Blue crystals bring trust, spiritual cleansing, belief, faithfulness, obedience, order, sincerity, dealing with betrayal and insecurity. 

Lighter blue crystals bring absolution, acceptance, facing reality, forgiveness, mellowness, patience, reconciliation, dealing with guilt, recovery.

Darker blue crystals promote charity, compassion, consideration, discretion, gentleness, honour, humanity, respect, sensitivity, service, tenderness, thoughtfulness, discouraged disrespect.

Popular blue crystals include Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Chalcedony, Celestite, Angelite, Blue Calcite, Dumortierite, Sodalite, Sapphire.


What do Gold coloured crystals mean?

Natural birthstone for July 22 to August 21.

Gold crystals bring adventure, ambition, enthusiasm, excitement, initiative, liveliness, travel, ease worries.

Lighter gold crystals bring a general better life, cheerfulness, confidence, ecstasy, engagement, happiness, satisfaction, overcoming negative mindsets and sadness.

Darker gold crystals promote authority, control, fame, influence, material wealth, power, success.

Popular gold coloured crystals include citrine, golden beryl and gold.


What do Black coloured crystals mean?

Black is very masculine in nature.

Black crystals bring mystery, security, transformation, sensuality, protection from evil, and ease self doubt.

Popular black coloured crystals include black obsidian, black tourmaline, hematite, black onyx.


What do Orange coloured crystals mean?

True birthstone for August 22 to September 22.

Orange crystals bring celebration, enjoyment, fulfilment, joy, merriment, pleasure, sex, healing depression, grief, sorrow.

Lighter orange crystals bring charm, companionship, encouragement, friendship, generosity, girlfriend, kindness, loyalty, popularity, praise, selflessness, shyness, dedication.

Darker orange crystals promote belonging, benevolence, community, good reputation, home, hospitality, marriage, sense of belonging, support, and dealing with abandonment, homesickness and separation. 

Popular orange coloured crystals include orange calcite, carnelian, sunstone.


What do White coloured crystals mean?

The colour white heavily intertwines with the energy of the moon, and natural cycles. It reminds us of the natural lifecycle; beginnings and ends. White is very feminine in nature.

White crystals promote cohesiveness, freedom, hope, illumination, innocence, purity, unity, and removed inhibitions.

Popular white crystals include moonstones, quartz, calcite, selenite, and white forms of topaz and beryl.


What do Scarlet coloured crystals mean?

Natural birthstone for September 23 to October 21.

Scarlet crystals bring bravery, conquering fear, physical prowess, protection, self reliance, physical skill, strength, victory, overcoming fright, dependancy and repression.

Lighter scarlet crystals give us dedication, fulfilling potential, reliability, vigilance, willpower and helps us resist temptation.

Darker scarlet crystals promote assertiveness, beauty, invincibility, physical energy, vitality, decreases apathy, laziness and self pity, and protects against curses.

Popular scarlet coloured crystals are garnet, ruby, mookaite.


What do Silver coloured crystals mean?

Silver crystals bring feminine energy, moon energy, introspection, coolness, night magic, understanding of the future, reflection, quiet, inner truth, and purpose.


What do Red coloured crystals mean?

Natural birthstone for October 22 to November 20.

Red crystals enhance action, build conviction, develop courage, fearlessness, fortitude, inner strength, courage in the unknown, drive and determination, glory, self worth.

Lighter red crystals, or pink crystals, bring commitment, love, finding lovers, romance, sensuality, lessen heartache, loss of love and helps us learn how to show love.

Darker red crystals promote a bountiful harvest, building or finding devotion, rewarding effort, finding your soulmate, coping with indifference, making a relationship more serious, and helping achieve something important.

Popular red crystals include garnet, fire agate, chestnut jasper, red quartz, vanadinite, red aventurine.


What do Brown coloured crystals mean?

Brown crystals bring centering energy, comfort, integration, organisation, earth energy, soul, fighting chaos, and grounding.

Popular brown crystals include smoky quartz, chiastolite, septarian, fossils, desert rose.




Information gathered from the incredible resource of the Crystal Vaults, we highly recommend checking them out.

Make sure you bookmark this page for later, and share with your friends so more people can see what the colour of your crystal really means!

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