Where to buy Crystals in NZ?

There are many astonishingly beautiful crystal shops available in NZ, but there are certain things you should look for when scouting for your new favourite crystal shop.

As consumers, we have a responsibility to shop sustainably and 'vote with our dollar'

Here's a side by side comparison of the most popular crystal shops in New Zealand and their unique points.

Crystal Shop Prices Shipping Cost Free Shipping Free Gifts Charity Donations Location Other
Conscious Crystals $$ $8.50 Over $70 Yes 10% of Profit and all tips Online - Free Crystal Education Consciously Sourced Crystals Afterpay
Rivendell $$$ $9 Over $99 Over $150 No Online and Instore Click and Collect Large corporation
Crystal Mountain $ $5 Over $150 No No Online and Instore Large Corporation Amusement Park
Thieves and Co $$ $8-$17 No No From optional gift wrapping Online and Markets - Small business
Serenity Crystals $-$$ $7.50-$10.50 Over $200 No No Online Statement pieces Small business Afterpay/Laybuy
The Third Eye $$ $5 Over $60 No No Online and Instore - Clothing and more
Crystal Impressions $$ $6.99 No No No Online and Instore
Cosmic $ $5 Over $24.99 No No Online and Instore Large corporation Laybuy
Crystal Muse $$-$$$ $8.80 Over $180 No No Online Statement pieces Laybuy
The Spirit Cove $$ $9-$13 Over $150 No 1 Tree Planted Online and Markets Handmade Crystal Candles Laybuy Afterpay
Marama Crystals $$$ $8.99 Over $49 No No Online Gorgeous Packaging Reiki
The Channelling $$ $15-$22 No No No Online and Instore Readings Wide variety offered Laybuy

So, who is our favourite New Zealand Crystal Shop?

We are lucky to be absolutely spoilt for choice here in NZ, we have so many amazing unique New Zealand Crystal Shops. Each have their pro's and cons and unique selling points.

We personally think Conscious Crystals NZ is the top NZ crystal shop, but we might be a bit biased. 🤭

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