Tangerine Aura Quartz Guide

Tangerine Aura Quartz - Sexuality, Confidence, Self Worth

  • Chakras - Sacral.
  • Water Safe - Yes.
  • Sun Safe - No, can fade.
  • Planets - Moon, Venus.
  • Zodiacs - Leo, Libra.
  • Elements - Fire.
  • Moh's Hardness Scale - 7.
  • Structure - Trigonal
  • Chemical Formula - Silicate - SiO2
  • Numerology - 4.
  • Feng Shui Energy - Fire.
  • Crystal Energy Type - Seeker Transformer.
  • Deities - Whope, Cerridwen.
  • Rarity - Uncommon.
  • Colour Energy - Red, Orange, Yellow.
  • Appearance - Bluish green translucent crystal with hints of yellow and white banding.
  • Origin - Man-made.
  • Works well with - Clear QuartzAngel Aura.
  • Other Properties - Self Esteem, Creativity, Self Confidence, Inspiration, Visualisation, happiness, Emotional Balance, Abundance, Communication, Intuition, Love, Joy, Focus, Protection, Serenity, Spirituality, Vitality, Sleep, Friendship, Spiritual Exploration, Insight, Uplifting, Strength, Lightness, Success, Enthusiasm, Combats Depression.*
Tangerine Aura Quartz Crystals for Sale

Extra for Experts:

  • Please keep in mind that Tangerine Aura Quartz is a 'man-made' crystal.
  • Also known as Sun Aura Quartz, or Sunset Aura Quartz.
  • The Tangerine Aura layer is fused onto a Crystal in a vacuum where Clear Quartz is placed with Gold and Iron Oxide, the metals condensing onto the surface of the quartz and fuse to create the lattice of iridescent permanent coating.
  • Supports and oxygenates the blood, liver and spleen so is helpful for anemics. 
  • Said to enhance and intensify sexual energies and aid in healing sexual blocks.
  • Great for creatives: Dancers, Writers, Painters, great for moving out of a creative block.
  • *Please read disclaimer below. Price listed is for one crystal only.
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